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The SAT is an exam administered by the College Board and meant to distinguish between students who are applying for admission to a college and/or university in the United States. It is a multiple-choice test that is given in four timed sections. Students receive two sub-scores each ranging from 200-800: one for the Evidence-Based Reading & Writing portion and another for the total Math portion, for a composite test score ranging from 400-1600. A separate score is reported for the optional essay given at the end of the exam for the students who choose to register for it.


This exam may seem intimidating to most high schoolers, given that the style of questions doesn’t quite match what most students are used to seeing from their teachers at this point. The reading comprehension passages are often about a dull subject matter, there are many minute grammar skills tested, and the math sections contain complex word problems. The only way to make this difficult exam seem easier is by preparing.


At Prepscore, we have developed specific strategies for the different types of questions in all of the sections of the test. Our elite instructors have mastered this test, scoring above the 95th percentile and helping students to increase their scores by 300 points on average. This is why we guarantee a 200-point increase for all of our students. Learn more about the Prep Smart™ Score Guarantee here.

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If you don't live in Florida, don't worry! We can provide our high-quality tutoring services to you via a virtual classroom. Using the power of the Internet and video chat, our eTutors™ can tutor students online and in the comfort of their own home. Never before has SAT prep been so easy and convenient!

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  • Students learn proven Prep Smart™ method to approaching their exams

  • All learning & study materials provided to you free-of-charge  

*Disclaimer: Students must complete all activities and practice tests assigned to them.

Prepscore is a private tutoring company with skilled instructors spanning across the entire Greater Tampa area (including Sarasota, Bradenton, and Lakewood Ranch, Florida).

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