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Why Does Test Prep Matter?

Prepscore is an in-person and online tutoring company with instructors all around the Greater Tampa Bay area, including St. Petersburg, Sarasota, Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch, & more! We pride ourselves in giving exceptional tutoring to students, boosting grades & improving test scores. The heart of our business is our standardized test prep, specifically for the SAT & ACT. However, we are able to help with any other subjects that you or your child may be struggling with, as well as with other standardized exams like the APs and the LSAT.

Our instructors are very highly trained and specialize in one-on-one, face-to-face tutoring. For students outside of our instructor’s range, you’ll be glad to know that Prepscore also offers virtual tutoring via web-based classrooms.

Over the years, we have tutored hundreds of students, and have had scores of satisfied parents. Yet, at some point or another, we always get the same question: why does test prep matter? And, to answer this question, let’s look specifically at our two most popular programs, the SAT and ACT.

These SAT and ACT are the college-entrance exams in the US. Nearly every college requires applicants to take at least one of the two exams. Preparing for these tests is imperative because they shape your child’s future. Good scores can open many doors, allowing students to choose from many college options and giving them the freedom to choose where they’ll live for the next four years. Good test scores also mean more scholarship money and subsequently less student-loan debt. After school, a good brand-name college works wonders in helping graduates get jobs. And, if that doesn’t help, you can lean on their prestigious alumni networks to help ensure job security.

On the other hand, bad test scores can leave one with limited options. By not preparing for the SAT/ACT, you could be stuck with a handful of school options, no scholarship money, and debilitating student loans. And, without a good school, it can make the job-hunting process significantly less fruitful.

Most often or not, the next question to usually follow is: Why pay for tutoring? Can’t self-study be just as effective? And, the answer is sometimes yes, however most high schoolers are so bogged down with the stresses of their usual routine that they don’t make time for test prep; and when they do, it often becomes the least important item on the to-do list and eventually gets pushed onto the back-burner. With a tutor, you have a trained instructor there each week to hold them accountable.

The final follow-up question we tend to get is: Why Prepscore? What makes us different? Well, we’ll give you a short answer and long answer. In short, no company in the area can match the Prepscore Guarantees. We guarantee that you’ll see a minimum score improvement of 200 points on the SAT, 3 points on the ACT, or 6 points on the LSAT. And, the longer answer is that our instructors have had years of experience in prepping students for standardized tests. We have had a historical track record of improving scores on the SAT, ACT, and LSAT by 350, 6, and 10 points, respectively. Over the years, we have also honed our skills and improved our methods so that we can now deliver unparalleled test-prep programs and courses.

So, if you need tutors for your schoolwork or test preparation, make sure to give Prepscore a call to see how we can help! We’re always happy to guide students and parents to get them on the road to achievement and success. If you’re interested in Prepscore, send us a message to and our program director will get back to you as soon as possible!


Prepscore is a private tutoring company with skilled instructors spanning across the entire Greater Tampa area (including Sarasota, Bradenton, and Lakewood Ranch, Florida).

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